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Windows 10 is just around the corner and it’s going to be free for Windows 7 and 8 users via a download.  So it’s going to be easy to get and free, but is Windows 10 worth upgrading to?  Here are a few of the best new features found in Windows 10 (atm).windows 10

Start Menu: The start menu that we all knew and love is back. It’s kinda sad that this is probably the most notable “new” feature being heavily advertised in Windows 10 marketing. We’re so excited to have something we used to consider standard, back.  The new start menu features the classic Windows 7 style along with Windows App tiles to the right.

Continuum: Windows 10 devices like the Surface automatically detects whether it’s docked or undocked and changes the screens user interface to fit appropriately. This is nice for tablet users, but desktop users could really care less about this new feature.

Windows Apps (metro apps) no longer trap you into some full screen window that drives you mental. These newly designed Windows Apps actually look really good and I have no problem using them now.

Universal Apps function exactly the same across all Windows 10 devices. Phones, Tablets and Desktops. This makes it extremely easy for users to get familiar and productive with any Universal App.

Cortana allows you to issue commands to your device like, for example, doing a search for a particular slide in a Power Point or opening an application. Cortana requires a Microsoft account (atm) which is total bullshit. I won’t be using it for that reason.

All your settings are in one place. Currently, you can access all your settings on Windows 10 by clicking the icon (looks like a bubble with text) next to the time on the bottom right of your PC. I love this in all kinds of ways. It’s a small upgrade, but makes using your PC so much easier.

DirectX 12: Gamers rejoice! Windows 10 will get the DirectX 12 API. So far the biggest feature of Dx12 is a substantial reduction in CPU usage while in game. Any new implementation of DirectX is awesome for avid gamers like myself.

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