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Have you ever wanted know how long it takes for your computer to boot up and login to the desktop?  Yeah, me too.  I tune-up a lot of measure-boot-time-boot-racercomputers and I like to make sure that the changes I make to the OS actually have a positive impact on the boot time.

There’s a free tool out there called BootRacer that will tell you how long it takes for your computer to fully boot up (and login to your desktop). Currently Boot Racer is at version 4.0 and supports Windows 8.  Boot Racer does NOT measure how long it takes you to enter your password (if you have one).

Installing Boot Racer is simple.  Just download the latest English build (it comes in other languages too) and install it.  Once Boot Racer is installed it’ll ask you if you want to reboot for a test.  Once your PC boots back up and everything is fully loaded Boot Racer will tell you down to the second how long everything took.

Now that you have a base line of how long it takes your computer to boot you can make the necessary optimizations and decrease the time it takes your computer to boot (as well as improving run-time speed).


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