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Answer:  This message is probably alerting you to the fact that your PC has low virtual memory (a.k.a – the page file is too virtual-memory-windws-8small).  Low physical RAM messages do not present themselves as a popup message.  Anyway, here’s how you can resolve your “low on memory” alert message.

(These instructions are for Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8)

  1. Right click your desktop
  2. Click Personalize
  3. Click Change Desktop Icons (near top left)
  4. Check Computer then click apply.
  5. Click OK to close this window
  6. Right click the “computer” icon on your desktop
  7. Click properties
  8. Click advanced system settings
  9. Click performance
  10. Click advanced
  11. On the virtual memory section click change
  12. Uncheck Automatically …
  13. Select the custom size radio button
  14. Enter in 4000 for the initial and 4000 for the max (this is assuming that you have at least 6 GB (6000 MB) free.
  15. Click set and then click ok
  16. Click apply and then click ok
  17. Reboot

You can make 1 pagefile per partition/disk.

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