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Hey guys, it’s Matt again.  In this tutorial we’re going to learn how to make Windows 8 run blazingly fast.  windows-8-fast

Special note here!  This is NOT about making Windows 8 secure.  There are some OPTIONAL steps in this tutorial that involve turning off the built-in Windows 8 security to improve performance, let me reiterate that these are optional steps.

If you have a method for speeding up Windows 8 that I have not covered here please list it as a comment!

Anyway, let’s get started! (the video is down below if you don’t feel like reading today 😉

This written guide is a work in progress (wip).  I should be finished with it by Friday.

First, we need to Setup our desktop icons to make this tutorial a little bit easier.

  1. From the Windows 8 start menu (tile/metro screen) click the desktop tile.
  2. On the Windows 8 desktop right click and then click personalize.
  3. On the left of this window, near the top, click Change Desktop Icons.
  4. Select all the checkmarks.  Computer, User’s Files, Network, Recycle Bin and Control Panel.

Disable Unneeded Startup Items via Task Manager.

In this example I’ll disable every startup item I don’t need.  Some people might like to leave their antivirus on or touchpad software for example.

Disable some unneeded services.

In this example we’ll disable Windows Search which stops the indexing process on the C drive.  Indexing is useful for searching for files and content, but can really slow your PC down.  Figuring out what you can disable takes research #

Set the User Interface to Run as Fast as Possible.

Right click “This PC”, click properties, click Advanced System settings, under performance click settings, now click adjust for best performance.  This will make your Windows 8 look a bit ugly, but who cares…

Change power management to High Performance.

Right click desktop, click personalize, click screen saver, click change power settings and select High performance.

Do your Windows updates!

Make sure your Windows updates are scheduled to install when your computer is turned on.  Windows updates not only keep your pc secure, they do in fact (in some cases) speed up your PC and the Apps on it.

Check for malware and remove it.

Besides malware being malicious, it can really slow down your PC.  This is probably the longest part, but it’s necessary.

This is the longest step, but it’s unfortunately necessary.  Nothing slows down your PC more than a bunch of malware (like adware for example).

a.  We’ll be using Microsoft’s Windows Defender.  Let’s make sure it’s turned on, updated and configured.

b.  Download Kaspersky’s TDSS Killer.   Run a scan.

c.  Download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.  Update it.  Do a full scan.  Remove anything found.

d.  Download ADWCleaner.  Scan.  Remove anything found.  Reboot.

e.  Download Junkware Removal Tool.  Run it.

Optional Steps.

Use Google Chrome.  It’s fast.

Use the built-in Windows Defender Antivirus or no Antivirus at all.  Here’s how.

Do a search for Windows Defender and disable realtime protection.

Disable UAC

Make sure your hard drives have 20% free space.

Install Windows 8 on a Solid State Drive

Add More RAM

The video – How To Make Windows 8 Run Blazingly Fast

How I built the Windows 8.1 PC used in the video.

Went to download KMPlayer from  CNET Adware installer was enabled.  The deceptive CNET installer installed 5-6 pieces of adware.  Homepage now goes to with an ad that says my drivers are out of date…guess I better update them :).  I click the ad and then it takes me to  Regclean pro suddenly appears on my desktop.  Nice.

Next I’m off to  Need some burning software.  I download and install cdburnerproxp.  The installer installs “some cause of the month” adware.

Internet explorer is now crashing due to the amount of adware loaded in it.  Windows 8 is noticeably slower.

I need Java.  I go to and download and install it.  The java installer installs adware/toolbars.

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