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Answer:  Closing a Windows 8 application (program) is not something that’s intuitive (at least not yet for us).  

Like me, you’re probably used to clicking that little red x in the top right corner, this isn’t the case in Windows 8.

Here’s how to close a Windows 8 application.  It’s actually only a few steps.  In this example I have opened the Windows 8 weather app and now I want to close it and get back to my start menu (tiles)

  1. With the Windows 8 program open move your cursor to the top of the program (top of your screen).
  2. Your pointer will turn into a hand.
  3. Click and hold down the left mouse button.  The hand closes.
  4. Drag your mouse down while holding the left mouse button.  
  5. Drag the window all the way to the bottom.  This closes the application and you’re back to your start menu (with all the tiles).
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