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No she doesn’t.  If you received an email titled “Courtney Abrams wants to be friends with you on Facebook.” then delete it.  Clicking the “Go to facebook button” or “Find more pages” leads to a .us domain that has drive-by malware on it.

Here is the content of the malicious email:



Interesting Pages on Facebook
Mark as favorite web pages that interest you to receive their updates in your News Feed.
Courtney Abrams
Courtney Abrams
Indiana Aurich
Jep Bacho
Merlin Britten
Neely Brett
Huey Fenk
Godfrey Fedder
Mason Henneberry
Meghan Henstrom
Wai Clearo
Antonio Colen
Find more pages
Go to Facebook


 Here is a screen shot of the malicious facebook email:

facebook malware email

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